“Ultras” face up against the cops

This was the result of today´s commemorative walk in Mexico city of the killings on October 2nd on 1968. Take a quick look, we will discuss this after.

Yes, the images are alarming. Though what happened on 1968, was much worse. Hundreds of people dead because of the police and mexican army. Today its said 16 cops were left injured on today´s battle. I really like the following picture, enjoy.

Isn´t this picture lovely? Be the judge.

Now, if there is something I´m against its with the looting done while this was taking place. I don´t like our business being robbed by these “ultras”. I just imagine if I was the one having a business on Reforma Av. my place would´ve been destroyed. The next picture shows you the inhumanity of the revolt.

Jade: Ancient aztec gold


Jade was often used to trade other valuble products like cocoa, copper, silver and many other procducts. It was very valuable back then and it is still to this day. A legacy of our ancestors these different types of art have become part of histoy and our pride.