De Stijl Pumas Project


This artwork was inspired on the art movement called “de Stijl” and on Piet Mondrian’s model.

I used black lines to make the rectangle and square divisions, and the use of the primary colours is of great importance in the presentation of this art work.

Then I fused the concept with one of my favorite subjects, Pumas. As you can see, I cut the logo and I pkaced it randomly, as the model reflects the simplicity of the colorus and its relationship with the background.

I enjoy this piece of art because it shows me purpose but yet it is abstract in every sense.

Watch “La ReBeL alentando en el Santiago Bernabeu” on YouTube

In 2004 Pumas played in Madrid, Spain against one of the most expensive and influential teams of the world of soccer, Real Madrid.

The “Copa Bernabeu” was being desputed and Pumas came victorious with a score of 0-1 with an awesome goal shot from long distance by Israel Castro, in the second half, as his stage as universitario



The origins of the Goya cheer are a little bizarre. In the early 1940s, a very skinny boy, Luis Rodriguez, was attending Preparatory School, who through time became the most enthusiastic cheerleader. He was nicknamed “Palillo” (stick). Palillo arranged entrance to the theaters for some students, who preferred watching movies than going to school, with the movie theaters’ supervisors. The movie theaters close to the Preparatory school were: Rio, Venus and Goya. When some students wanted to go to the movies, they shouted out Goya! Then to take the ladies, they would unite in chant and scream cachun cachun ra ra! Which ment getting to second base with the girls and congratulating themselves for that.

That is the story behind the university cheer, which now all university members echo.

It is also one of the most emblematic and recognized cheer to UNAM’s soccer team Pumas. Fans  includind ultras, not very long ago, embraced it as our own victory and territorial chant everywhere we go. Showing our devotion and loyalty to Pumas.


Is there any other team?

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Pumas gets its first victoy



It wasn’t until the twelveth week in the apertura 2013 from Liga Mx that finally, Pumas wins a season match in Monterry when they visited the rayados team and with a very nice goal, forward Luis García Saenz scored the only goal of the match. Regardless of the team’s position in the league table, which is the last, its fans travel over 70 miles from Mexico city. We have the best hincha there is.

La Rebel helps hurracane victims in Acapulco



Recently Acapulco was hit by two hurracanes “Manuel” & “Ingrid” and there are many victims as a result of this natural disaster. More than 31,000 people have sought refuge in temporary shelters and thousands more remain isolated in the small towns in the hills, blocked off from major cities and highways by debris and collapsed infrastructure. The storm also damaged thousands of businesses in the area.


So I decided, along with friends from la Rebel, to help the many victims. We went to the “Estadio Olimpico Universitario” to deliver the goods and our “kilos de ayuda”