The origins of the Goya cheer are a little bizarre. In the early 1940s, a very skinny boy, Luis Rodriguez, was attending Preparatory School, who through time became the most enthusiastic cheerleader. He was nicknamed “Palillo” (stick). Palillo arranged entrance to the theaters for some students, who preferred watching movies than going to school, with the movie theaters’ supervisors. The movie theaters close to the Preparatory school were: Rio, Venus and Goya. When some students wanted to go to the movies, they shouted out Goya! Then to take the ladies, they would unite in chant and scream cachun cachun ra ra! Which ment getting to second base with the girls and congratulating themselves for that.

That is the story behind the university cheer, which now all university members echo.

It is also one of the most emblematic and recognized cheer to UNAM’s soccer team Pumas. Fans  includind ultras, not very long ago, embraced it as our own victory and territorial chant everywhere we go. Showing our devotion and loyalty to Pumas.


Is there any other team?

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