Mi Blog

To have a way of communicating yourself with such efficiency, is certainly one of the major contributions from those people who designed the Internet, its applications; going from email, to chats, to this… my blog.

I´ve always liked to express myself whether is through paper, music, artistically and even physically. Although I´ve made music before, written a couple of songs and even hosted a radio station on the internet, I had not made my own personal blog. Wow, I´m very excited because I like all sort of things, I will be publishing stuff about CESM University, the outdoors, strange events, weird pictures and interesting tracks; which in time you will see my favorite topics and themes about these interests I have. And also, I am going to be showing you some cool facts about my beloved football team: Pumas UNAM

Now the concept of my blog, is to share first with my followers and the world, whatever catches my attention, unusual and unorthodox if you judge by the cover, but very interesting if you want to let your imagination take over and just enjoy the ride

by: fLAkoH100_4233

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